Marquee Theatrical Productions was founded in 2003 by its curent General Manager, Sheryl Thomas.

We are an award-winning, registered charitable, community theatre group, located in Aurora, Ontario. 

The Goal of Marquee Theatrical Productions is to have an establishment in York Region whose purpose is to promote and create excellence in Dramatic Theatre and provide educational opportunities throughout the community.


Our Mandate is: 

(1) To educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing performances of an artistic nature in public places, senior citizen homes, churches, community centres and educational institutions and by providing seminars on topics relating to such performances;

(2) To provide instructional seminars on topics related to the performing and visual arts; and

(3) To produce performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the Public’s understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.


Marquee Theatrical Productions offers a variety of educational classes, as well as summer and March Break camps, that focus on dramatic and musical theatre for students aged 4 to 18 years. These classes are workshops centered on teaching acting and improvisation, voice instruction, dancing, stage movement and theatre etiquette. Through this experience, students will develop many valuable life skills such as self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, leadership, respect, time management, and responsibility, within a group dynamic.

In addition to working with children in the community Marquee also offers performance opportunities for adults. Our productions deliver the highest quality of community theatre, which enriches the lives of those on stage, as well as those in the audience. The adult cast productions will perform one to two productions within a subscription series with performances at the Newmarket Theatre.

Marquee participates in York Region community “spirit” events, such as Christmas Parades, Halloween Haunts, Street Festivals, and special events.