Q&A with John Wight – We Will Rock You Cast Member

Your name: 

John Wight

What role(s) are you playing?

Gaga Kid, Police Officer, Yuppie, Bohemian.

How long have you been in theatre?

I have been doing theater just over 1 year

What do you do by day?

By Day I own my own Arborist Business

Why do you do community theatre?

The Reason I do theater is for The Thrill of performing, the power and harmonies of singing together and learning complicated choreography!!

What’s your favourite moment/song in this show – without giving too much away? Why?

Favourite Moment in the show is when I look around and see everyone giving it their all in the We Will Rock You Song.

Do you have an rituals that you do to help you to prepare before you perform?

Before the show I always get a large green tea for the voice, do a vocal warm up, eat some candy and a red bull to pump up the energy and do a bunch of push-ups to get the blood flowing.

What is it that you like about working with Marquee?

I like working with Marquee because they have a great space to be creative in. The costumes are always top notch and its generally a very positive atmosphere to learn in.

What would you love for the potential audience out there to know about the show?

I would like everyone to realize that they shouldn’t let fear stop them from accomplishing their dreams. If you truly love something then work hard, put the effort in, surround yourself with wise positive mentors and you can achieve your goals!!


We Will Rock You runs at the Newmarket Theatre

Show dates include Nov. 15-17 at 7:30pm | Nov. 17, 18 at 2pm

For tickets, order online HERE or call the box office directly at 905-953-5122


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