Meet Helen Kelson – We Will Rock You cast Member

Your name:

Helen Kelson

What role(s) are you playing?

I’m in the Ensemble, with roles such as Teen Queen, Fat Bottom Girls (it’s a surprise) and Aretha

How long have you been in theatre?

I’ve been performing and singing on and off since childhood

What do you do by day?

Subject my poor children to my nonstop singing. They love it!!

Why do you do community theatre?

I do community theatre because I love the opportunity to get onstage and have a blast. I love meeting new casts and crews who have such varied lives and something significant and unique to bring to the table.

What’s your favourite moment/song in this show – without giving too much away? Why?

The roll out for Killer Queen’s song in Act two. What an entrance!

Do you have an rituals that you do to help you to prepare before you perform?

Ahead of the show, I find it helpful to create my track of when and where I’m going places. At showtime I like the process of getting ready – it’s even more fun than getting dressed to go out – and then have a moment for the whole cast to connect.

What is it that you like about working with Marquee?

Such a great community of incredible people, and lots of opportunity to get creative and contribute!

What would you love for the potential audience out there to know about the show?

We love hearing you during the show. Don’t be shy – laugh loudly, clap, dance if you’re feelin’ it! Hopefully there will be no call for Booos….

We feed off your energy!! We are happy to know you are having a good time.


We Will Rock You runs at the Newmarket Theatre

Show continues Nov. 15-17 at 7:30pm | Nov. 17, 18 at 2pm

For tickets, order online HERE or call the box office directly at 905-953-5122


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