Q&A with Nicole Giuliano – We Will Rock You Cast Member

Your name: Nicole Giuliano

What role(s) are you playing?

I play a female ensemble role which includes, Gaga Kid, Yuppie, Bohemian, and Super Yuppie!

How long have you been in theatre?

I have been doing Theatre since i was 13 years old and that was 8 years ago! But i started off with Competitive Dance when i was 5 years old!

What do you do by day?

By day I’m a server and a Makeup Artist, hopefully to become a full time Special FX artist within the next few years!

Why do you do community theatre?

I do community theatre because it keeps my mind focused on something that is both exciting, and enjoyable, and gives me a break from everyday activities, that may not be as exciting. With a love for everything artistic, what better way to spend my extra time than singing, acting and dancing all in one

What’s your favourite moment/song in this show – without giving too much away? Why?

There in a scene in Act One when almost every cast member is on stage laughing, dancing and having a phenomenal time together, and in this moment, i truly realize why I love doing theatre. The energy is so high, and not only is the song one of my favourite Queen Songs, but its also an amazing dance number, with so much going on, you cant keep your eyes off the stage. And, when looking at everyone separately, its almost as if we are each telling our own little story throughout the song, and scene.

Do you have an rituals that you do to help you to prepare before you perform?

I always like to sit in my room and sing covers of songs i love from any Musical! I also love to watch scenes from Musicals because it gets me in the performing mind set! Especially watching full on professionals doing what they love, it encourages me to bring something special to the stage each time I’m on it performing

What is it that you like about working with Marquee?

Marquee is a family to me. Someone like me who is the youngest of 4, and spends little time with my siblings because they are all grown up, needs more interaction in her life with people who truly care about the same things i do. Its amazing coming into a practice and being able to talk about life with people who may be going through the same things. Not only that, but sharing a passion with EVERY PERSON you work with, is hard to find. But at Marquee its almost too easy!

What would you love for the potential audience out there to know about the show?

How hard we worked as a cast. and how hard the crew and our lovely stage manager, director, and vocal coach worked with us. It may not seem it at first, but our set is one of the biggest I’ve ever worked with in a show at Marquee, and took several, several hours to build and make, while we had practices on top of that! Appreciate not only the actors, but all the backstage fun that comes with this show!


We Will Rock You runs at the Newmarket Theatre

he Show Continues Nov. 15-17 at 7:30pm | Nov.  17, 18 at 2pm

For tickets, order online HERE or call the box office directly at 905-953-5122


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