Q&A with Mayla Donachie – We Will Rock You Cast Member

Your name: Mayla Fiona Donachie

What role(s) are you playing? Killer Queen

How long have you been in theatre? I’ve been performing since 2008, where I landed Rizzo in Grease as my very first role. I took a break when I moved to England for a year, then moved home and got back in it.

What do you do by day? Get people very intoxicated. (Bartender)

Why do you do community theatre? The reason I do community theatre is described in one of my favourite shows finale number  “We Tell the Story” (Once on this Island). To tell the story. I love connecting to material with an emotional plot that leaves the audience with any sort of feeling. Or on the flip side, I love to make people laugh (Greg as Buddy, stole my role).

What’s your favourite moment/song in this show – without giving too much away? Why? Every moment with Buddy (Greg White). Not even kidding, working with Greg is absolutely brilliant. He’s constantly giving new work, professional as heck, and look… This guy will just have you non-stop laughing and steals the show.

Do you have an rituals that you do to help you to prepare before you perform? Skipping rope while humming, laughing with my dressing room, sacrificing a goat, then cinnamon whisky.

What is it that you like about working with Marquee? Marquee is an extremely professional community theatre company. Being a part of paid productions, I like the professionalism of rehearsal schedules considering cast members conflicts, the respect between all teams and the cast. Special thanks to our director Sergio who is the most brilliant and passionate director I have EVER worked with.

What would you love for the potential audience out there to know about the show? GET INVOLVED! Let’s be honest. The music of Queen is known by everyone. Their songs are anthems, so clap along, cheer, make signs, BOO ME!! Let’s make this musical not only a show, but a party.


We Will Rock You runs at the Newmarket Theatre

Show dates include Nov. 8-10, 15-17 at 7:30pm | Nov. 10, 11, 17, 18 at 2pm

For tickets, order online HERE or call the box office directly at 905-953-5122


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