Q&A with Alexandra Leahy – We Will Rock You Cast Member

Your name: 

Alexandra Leahy

What role(s) are you playing? 


How long have you been in theatre? 

I’ve been in theatre for 8 years, with no plans to stop anytime soon!

What do you do by day?  

I manage a frozen food company called Nostra Gourmet Foods– we produce delicious Italian entrees. The cast can confirm this– they get to sample my company’s meatballs every time there’s a potluck as I’m a hopeless in the kitchen (ironic, huh?).

Why do you do community theatre? 

I love love LOVE performing! I used to sing and dance for my family and friends as a kid using my home’s bay window as a stage, and now community theatre lets me use an actual stage, so that’s awesome (and a big step up, pun intended!) Working with everyone in the cast is such a fun and bonding experience too–it’s a great feeling to know you’re putting on an incredible show that people will love.

What’s your favourite moment/song in this show – without giving too much away? Why?

 My favourite song in the show is Hammer to Fall– it just has such an ‘oomph’ to it that I can’t help but love. I also really like getting an ‘angry’ song; it’s so different from the others that it makes it more interesting and challenging as a performer.

As for my favourite moment, I love when a certain female character is dancing behind and encouraging her man– she gets so into the moment it’s a joy to watch (I’m keeping this one vague so there’re no spoilers!)

Do you have any rituals that you do to help you to prepare before you perform?

I usually do some kind of silly dance with a fellow cast member to get hyped up for a show– I haven’t decided yet what it’ll be for this show but my recent favourite was the Carlton dance to ‘It’s Not Unusual’…after seeing that, everyone RAN out of the dressing room to get as far away as possible…I can only assume this is because the dance was THAT good they were intimidated and not because they didn’t want to catch my dorkiness!

 What would you love for the potential audience out there to know about the show?

That everyone involved has been amazing– I would just want them to appreciate how much work goes into a show like this and how much it means for people to come out and support it.

Life is short–smile while you still have teeth! (And enjoy the show!)


We Will Rock You runs at the Newmarket Theatre

Show dates include Nov. 8-10, 15-17 at 7:30pm | Nov. 10, 11, 117, 18 at 2pm

For tickets, order online HERE or call the box office directly at 905-953-5122


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