7 Lessons We Can All Learn From Buddy The Elf


Be yourself.

Buddy’s journey is not an easy one. He’s lived his whole life not knowing his true identify or his family. Buddy struggles to find his place in a new world (outside of the North Pole)… but he always stays true to himself. Buddy is pressured to blend in more… to wear a suit… to eat less syrup… to act less “jolly”… yet he doesn’t let the pressure change who he truly is inside. Buddy owns himself and isn’t afraid to be unique – even if other people don’t seem to understand him at first.


Spread cheer for all to hear.

Spreading cheer can get difficult when there are so many awful things going on in the world… A lot of us are feeling down because we feel at a loss of how to provide hope to those who are suffering… or how to make a difference. One of the best things about Buddy The Elf is that he doesn’t let the world’s hardships get him down. Buddy loves being happy and trying to make others happy. Buddy would do anything for anyone, and won’t stop until he’s put a smile on your face! I think we could all learn a lot from Buddy’s endless kindness!


Make smiling your favorite.

Just like Buddy, make smiling your favourite! Buddy knows the power of a smile – that sharing one, or receiving one, can make your whole day! This small act can also make someone else’s day a million times better – and who doesn’t want that? When you pass a stranger, don’t look down or look away – offer a smile… they might really need one and it’s the easiest way to be kind!


Give out compliments.

Buddy is always handing out compliments and never says a bad word about anyone! Buddy doesn’t hold on to grudges and never gets jealous… instead, he rewards his peers with only love and admiration… seeing the best in even the grumpiest and crankiest of people! Buddy says what he thinks and loves to see the positive reaction strangers get when he goes out of his way to tell them they’re doing a great job! We should all give this a try – wouldn’t that be amazing if we only had good things to say about the people we encounter?


Take risks.

Buddy travels all the way from the North Pole to NYC to meet his Dad. He had never before strayed from Santa’s workshop and yet he built up the courage to travel a long distance, into the unknown, and all alone. This is a HUGE risk as Buddy has never been to a big city and isn’t sure how his Dad will react to meeting him. He also takes a big risk in asking Jovie on a date and putting his heart on the line for love! But Buddy’s risk taking pays off in beautiful ways – as he becomes a beloved member of his new family and eventually becomes a loving husband to Jovie (and a Dad himself)!


Don’t give up.

Buddy’s best characteristic is that he never, ever, gives up. Even when everything is going wrong for him, Buddy takes each challenge by storm and trusts that things will always get better with time. Buddy has faith in himself, the people around him, and in the magic of Christmas! With his resilient spirit, Buddy is the most reliable and inspiring friend you could ever have!


Be excited about life.

“Good news! I saw a dog today!”
is one of my favourite lines in Elf. This line is great because it perfectly captures how Buddy always looks on the bright-side and gets excited about the smallest and simplest joys in life! Buddy doesn’t get caught up in the bad and consistently encourages others to appreciate all the good in their lives. Just like Buddy, we all need to get more excited about life and truly count our many wonderful blessings!



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